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בלוג בדרך שלך, טיפים חמים במשכנתא, משכנתאות

How to get cash from your home: debut the new mortgage loan

Obtaining liquidity by securing your home is now easier thanks to the new rules, in force since May 6, governing the mortgage loan. On the one hand, access to the financial instrument for individuals over 60 is simplified (the limit with the old norm was 65 years) and clarity on tax benefits, on the other banks …

בלוג בדרך שלך, טיפים חמים במשכנתא, משכנתאות

Mortgage loan on the house, how to get it?

The mortgage loan , also known as mortgage credit , is a sort of loan that takes part from the mortgage on an asset or property in order to obtain capital. This particular type of loan is divided into three categories: Mortgage annuity loan : Mandatory subscription of a mortgage on the house as a guarantee, repayment plan from 5 to …

בלוג בדרך שלך, משכנתאות

How to mortgage a car

Do you need a loan and have you thought about using your car ? Here's what you need to know and how to avoid unpleasant surprises. Let's start then from the beginning, that is, to tell you what a mortgage is . This is a loan with a guarantee in case you do not return it. This time the guarantee is not a house, which lends you money …