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Raphael Restaurant, Tel Aviv

The Rafael restaurant is located on the Tel Aviv boardwalk and from the windows of the restaurant you may view the amazing Tel Aviv cost line. However besides the restaurants amazing location, the menu is supervised by the creator and Chef Haim Cohen that is considered to be one the top chefs and one of the most surprising chefs in Israeli cuisine. 

The food at the restaurant is a combination of local food with some surprising new flavors –and as always surprises concocted from the creative mind of creator Chef Haim Cohen are always a good surprise. Surprisingly the Rafael restaurant offers during lunch hour's business lunches in pretty reasonable prices. At the corner of the restaurant lies the restaurants bar- Hachamra where you may enjoy a rich bar with a special atmosphere. The Rafael restaurant is defiantly one of the good restaurants of Tel Aviv.

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Raphael Restaurant, Tel Aviv

First course

Grouper Carpaccio
with a lime and chive tartar in aromatic oil

Salt Cod salad
with a semi-hard boiled egg, anchovy and bottarga

Red Tuna Sashimi
with baby radish, hot pepper, and far eastern vinaigrette

Calamari & giant white bean salad
with mint, rashad, and red onion

Endive hearts and tomatoes
with Hameiri Cheese and black-olives oil

Smoked Green-Wheat soup
with tomato and Parmesan bruschetta

Whole artichokes
with rocket, capers, anchovies and Parmigiano Reggiano

Kebabs of Grouper and Tuna Toro
with hot vinaigrette of char-grilled vegetables and coriander

Shrimps Ravioli with ginger and green onion
in a crab stock

Brittany Oysters (Gillardeau)
on ice

Goose Liver glazed with sherry vinegar
and a chestnut and truffle cream

Siniya with Milk-Fed Veal Sweetbreads
with tahini and char-grilled vegetables

Moroccan Cigars filled with milk-fed veal offal
with Al Arz tahini

Main course

White Grouper
with Arab spinach and Jerusalem artichoke in tomato butter

Grilled Sea-Fish with olive oil
served with salt-baked beetroot and a Provençal vinaigrette

Calamari seared alla plancha
with a hot tomato cream and purple basil

Handmade Egg-Yolk linguini
with Tiger Shrimps and salty butter

Baby Lamb Chops
with a white bean and thyme cream

Fat Cow Sirloin
with roasted market vegetables and red wine

Milk-Fed Veal Liver
with Oyster Mushrooms, sage and mashed potatoes

Ragù of beef Short Ribs and tomatoes
with egg-yolk Fusilli

Lamb Shoulder Couscous
with whole chickpeas, market vegetables and spices from the Maghreb

Entrecote for Two – grilled on the bone
with brown butter and marrowbone

The sweets

Chocolate sable
with a crystallized chestnut cream

Mahalabiya of almond milk
with crystallised pistachios and rose-syrup

Savarin cooked with rum
and served with a vanilla and red raspberry crema

White Cheese and tonka icing
with blackcurrant ice-cream

Turkish quince in yellow wine
with crème fraiche and vanilla ice-cream

Strawberry soup
with a sour cream sorbet

Handmade Sorbets
four flavours

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Restaurant Details

From $ 60 .00 usd
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Location: 87 Hayarkon street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-5226464
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 12pm - 4pm, 7pm-11pm.
Business Menu
Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 4pm.
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.
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