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The best things to do in Israel

Over 400 activities, attractions and sightseeings to experience.
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Things To Do in Jerusalem

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Things To Do in Galilee & Golan Heights

Tel Aviv Attractions

Eilat Attractions

Haifa Attractions

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  • Jerusalem is one of the world's most famous cities; the city's long history turns Jerusalem into a city of a very wide range of sites, from its historical attractions to Israel's institutions which are located in Jerusal...
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  • Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most diverse cities. Despite of its small size (in comparison to other big cities in the world) Tel Aviv knows how to offer much more than many other big cities worldwide, and its big...
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  • Haifa is located about 90 kilometers north of Tel-Aviv along the only bay in Israel- the bay of Haifa. Haifa is divided (in theory) in to two parts- downtown and uptown- uptown is on the top of Mount Carmel and the downt...
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  • The city’s fascinating historical heritage, a rare blend of East and West, authentic sites from the past, a unique meeting place of art and religion alongside the remains of various cultures  –  all...
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